Church Of Kord




The church of Kord is a small religious sect in the  world, but also one of the main religions of the town of  Wraithguard. So far there are very few priests of Kord, and the few that are actually known consists of Wyrran Ayers and Geffroi Stonefoot.

<u>Teachings and Practices</u>

While there are various teachings and precepts when it comes to the religion, for the most part clerics are taught the dogma of the church which is

“The strong and fit should lead the weaker. Bravery is the greatest quality in any ruler. Scorn cowardice.”

Because of this dogma there are 3 main teachings that the clerics teach its follower

  1. Be strong but do not use your strength for wanton destruction
  2. Be brave, and lend others your bravery should they be lacking.
  3. Prove your might in battle to win glory and renown


Kord favors rhythmic chanting and clapping, the louder the better. Many of his chants feature syllables that exist strictly to maintain the rhythm, such as "Ah re, ah ree, Kord the Mighty…"


Kord's rites are brief, lasting just a few minutes. They're joyous, dancing ceremonies at the end of a battle or a long-term feat of strength, such as raising a barn or moving stones to form a hedgerow.

Clerical Training:

Would-be clerics of Kord come into the faith one of two ways. Most succeed on some feat of strength (often at a local carnival or sporting competition), drawing the admiration of a cleric of Kord. Less often, a youth attains notoriety for his sickly nature, but a cleric of Kord notices how passionately the child craves strength. Either way, becoming a cleric of Kord involves rigorous physical training, including calisthenics, running, and practice in any number of specific sports.

Church Of Kord

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